ASII at DevExperience

When passion, humor and creativity come together, that’s when DevExperience comes to life.

What is DevExperience and why are we so excited about it?

Our subject for today is the 4th Absolutely Normal International IT Conference which this year, is preparing the ground for the 1st coming of the Pope! This conference gathers every year, since 2016, IT enthusiasts, who are willing to learn every day more about this beautiful domain. New information is being presented by International, and Romanian speakers, chosen from the best!

What can you learn?

The tracks for 2019 are devops, architecture and security!

Who can come?

This event is dedicated to everyone who detains medium or advanced skills in the fields mentioned before. So bring your good vibes and mark the date!

Oo, yes, the date…and location!!! 19-20 April, Hotel International, Iași!

Because sharing is caring, DevExperience also organizes free community events on Saturday, 20th of  April at Hotel International. All you need to do is register until the 7th of April, wait for the confirmation and bring your laptop on the Holy Day!

How can you register?

Just follow the link and forget about the rest!


You are a student and you want to come? Use the code DevStud50 and you can save 50% off !

Are you feeling lucky? Check their blog for weekly raffles: .

Your name is Popa, Dascălău, Călugăru, or something similar to those? Well, you too have a discount due to your sacred name!

The DevExperience pilgrimage is taking us to Trez & Nu, The Trumpets, Fika, Jassyro, B2, La Bază, Meru, Teo’s Cafe, Șotărie, Filicori Zecchini, Status Coffee, BeerZone, pubs where you can join to pub-quizes and win divine drinks and blessed discounts.

ASII will be there with its sweet and hardworking volunteers in the organizing team and will host for the first time, the Media Corner. Let’s meet up there!

For more deets about the event, read their Holy Bible following the link:

and keep up with the news on their Facebook page: .


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